Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool for Disabilities – Facts You Need to Know

The BEST, Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool, is a questionnaire created to aid you to decide if you are qualified for Social Security disability allowance.

It is vital to emphasize that this is an entirely private informal survey. BEST also isn’t a part of the disability application process, so it will not ask for your Social Security number or examine any of your data. It will not give you an estimate of the number of benefits you will receive if you are approved.

BEST will tell you how to be suitable for and apply for benefits such as social security benefits disability programs. Clearing the BEST assessment, on the other hand, is not like applying for benefits.

How do I get the BEST?

Just go to the Social Security Administration’s website if you want to use the Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool. Then, to start the study, click “Start Questionnaire.”

BEST is just an assessment test, and you may still be eligible for benefits even if BEST shows you are. Disability Support Services can provide more information on eligibility and the application.

The application process of BEST

 The social security disability insurance program is the same whether you submit an application, by phone, or in-person:

  • You gather the necessary information and documents for your application. We recommend printing and going over the Adult Disability Checklist. It will help you collect the information needed to finish the application.
  • After completing it, send your application.
  • They will examine your application to ensure that you meet the fundamental conditions for disability compensation.
  • They check to see if you have worked long enough to qualify.
  • Check your ongoing work activity.
  • Then they will send your application to your state’s eligibility and benefits verification office.
  • The decision on disability is made by this State agency.

What data are you required to provide?

The questions will be easy, you should be prepared to provide some data before completing the questionnaire. If you have the following items on hand, you will be able to complete the process more easily:

  • Annual earnings from the profession.
  • Other sources of revenue are used to calculate the annual income.
  • The total value of your property.
  • When did your impairment begin?

The Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool (BEST) is not a Social Security Disability application. Your responses are 100% private. You will not be requested for your name, personal details, or contact number.

The Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool’s primary objective is to steer you in the right path about what Social Security Disability benefits you should register for.



When completing the Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool (BEST) questionnaire, provide the most complete and reliable responses possible. Your responses will not be recorded and will not be used upon you.

By accurately completing all of the questions, you increase your chances of receiving an accurate estimate of which Social Security Disability payments you will be eligible for.

The US government offers an online service to find out if you are eligible for social security benefits and be referred to the appropriate department to apply.

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