Guide To Shop For Bathroom Sinks In Phoenix

It can be a daunting task to scan through the astounding number of bathroom sinks in Phoenix, especially if you don’t know what you want. The first consideration to make would be the room in which you want to install the bathroom sink- master bathroom, powder room, or a family bathroom. Also, the space available in the room and who all will have access to the room are factors you must consider.

Finding answers to the above-mentioned questions before going bathroom sink shopping, will alleviate much of your concerns. But you also must also be sure of what material, shape, size, and other features you want the sink to be. To help you narrow down your choices, here’s all the information you need.

Choices in Material

Modern-day sinks for bathrooms are available in the following materials:

Copper, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel- Sinks made from cast iron come with an enameled and shimmering finish. Copper-based sinks provide earthiness, while the stainless steel sinks feature a clean and elegant look. Sometimes, the metals are hammered and brushed to provide a textured finish. But remember that maintaining the cleanliness of sinks with a copper-based finish can be tough.

Stone- Sinks that are made using granite, onyx, marble, and travertine appear ostentatiously appealing. Such materials also work well with the installation of under-mount basins granite phoenix az. However, stones are porous in nature (to a degree), you will have to ensure routine sealing and prevention of staining.

Glass- While this material sounds to be delicate, it is quite the opposite in reality. Basins that are made using tempered glass have the ability to endure daily use. It is best to avoid dropping objects that are heavy into such sinks though. Also, keep the sink free of contact with sharp glass or metal to avoid any chipping or scratches on its surface. Keeping a glass sink clean can be a bit exhaustive, especially if the water is hard in nature.

Ceramic and Vitreous China- These sinks feature stain-resistant, smooth, and glossy surfaces that can be cleaned easily, and that is highly durable.

Shape and Size Variety

When looking for bathroom sinks in Phoenix you must know that they do not come in any standard size. The petite ones are large enough to allow you to wash hands, and the largest ones can make space to wash delicate clothes and hair. Generally, the bowl-shaped sinks come within a diameter range of 16-20 inches, and the rectangular ones range between 16-23 inches in length (front to back), and 19-24 inches in width. Typically, the depth of a basin ranges between 5-8 inches.

Selecting the right shape or size of a sink is purely based on what you personally prefer unless it is a replacement for a damaged fixture. If you are not concerned about the space factor, try opting for a triangular one to install in your bathroom corner.

Other Features To Consider

Some other considerations that you must make before making a choice for your bathroom sink include:

Options in faucet holes- There are some sinks that come without any faucet holes, and the faucet is separately installed (inside the vanity unit). There are others that come with widespread design, single hole design, or the centerset design- each of which provides different appeal to the overall décor.

Color options- The most sought-after colors are copper, white, and beige. However, other color options growing popular these days include a variety of finishes and hues in colors such as gray, green, metallic, blue, and nickel.

Saving Water– There are some modern-day sinks that also provide options for saving water. In such vessels, the rate of flow of water is kept under control for efficient usage of water.


With all these tips to guide you when you step out to purchase a bathroom sink and stone slabs phoenix, making a choice will become easier.

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