The Extensive Scope of Social Media Listening for Brands

With the feasible technology of social media listening, you can easily know about voices, opinions, and doubts from the audience on the platform without the need of looking up for it.

With social listening you can:

  • Know everything said about the brand
  • Know about the influence, tone, and reach
  • Form aggregated reports to get the bigger picture while sharing with the clients and colleagues
  • Track all mentions on social media platforms
  • Analyze the necessary data with trend knowledge

Single Channel for tracking all Social Activities

It is just about visiting various networks while looking for certain brand names. However, two major flaws are there for this strategy:

  • You miss things
  • Valuable time wastage

With lots of sources, customers are voices are on the internet. And while finally when you’re missing something, it can end up getting costly complaints through any endorsement or customer from a powerful influencer.

However, you don’t need to risk it. With social media mentions, you pick up all brand mentions on social media while pulling everything in place. In such a way you also notice everything that has been said as it happens from a plan. With this, you get more time on hand.

Skip to Key Conversations about the Brand

Even you can offer the best possible service but your brand is what the customers would love to invest in. However, nowadays brands can only become successful when they can take good care of their customers.

Before the prominence of social media channels, brands relied on hard mails and call centers for complaint resolution and provided assistance in real-time. However, the process was lengthy and private earlier. A study conducted by Convert and Convince revealed show around 47% of social media users can reach brands on social media for complaining.

Another altitude study showed that around 80% of consumers demand that brands take around 24 hours to respond to social messages. After passing that deadline the risk of losing customers to competition also increases.

Identify Prospective Threats with Social Listening

Social media space works rapidly with high-intensity potential. Social media is where just little things can become viral. For such reason, brands must also carefully look for negative press. After any unhappy client or disgruntled former staff member can virtually post anything that they want online. And when the message gains recognition, you’ve just extended your negative reach from single to many voices.

While this might seem dramatic, a brand crisis is possible when you’re not expecting it. And when it does, you’ll be glad that you saw it coming and had the chance of limiting the negative consequences. Due to such reasons, social media monitoring should have a vital place in plans for crisis management as well.

How Social Listening Gained Recognition?

The main reason why social listening platforms channels skyrocketed is due to their extensive and quick reach compared to conventional marketing methods.

Social listening is beneficial as it is like a tracking mechanism helping in tracking conversations about certain keywords, brands, phrases, industries, and topics while leveraging insights for knowing about opportunities or making content for audiences.

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